5L Tubs

For Commercial Use

At Connoisseur, we believe that premium ice cream should be an immersive sensory experience. We specialise in creative ingredient combinations crafted for the Australian palate, delivering an exciting and luxurious taste experience for true ice cream lovers.  From indulgent dessert creations to creamy iced coffee’s , our 5L Connoisseur Bulk Range delivers versatility,  as the perfect base to elevate your  menu.  Your customers deserve only the best.

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5L Tub


Ice cream can take you to some unexpected places. Our quest for the world’s finest vanilla bean led us to the shores of Madagascar. Here there are orchids that flower for a single day, and if pollinated, produce exquisite Madagascan vanilla beans. Infused with this exotic flavour, our Classic Vanilla ice cream will carry you away.
5L Tub

Salted Caramel

The pure, ancient salt from Australia’s Murray River is enjoyed by food connoisseurs the world over. We use the salt to give a unique twist on the classic sweetness of thick, gooey caramel sauce. The end result is a delicious indulgence that’s perfectly balanced.
5L Tub

Belgian Chocolate

Life wouldn’t be the same without simple pleasures like simply divine chocolate ice cream. Building on a premium, rich chocolate ice cream, we’ve combined an artful swirl of chocolate sauce made from the finest Belgian chocolate. The result, a rich indulgent ice cream experience for those passionate about the very best chocolate.
5L Tub

Cookies & Cream

A classic recipe originally born in the USA. An ice cream Hall of Famer. We craft the ultimate Cookies and Cream by ensuring that every single ingredient is the best it can be. We crush premium dark chocolate cookies and fold them generously into creamy vanilla ice cream. So making the perfect Cookies and Cream ice cream is nearly as much fun as eating it.
5L Tub

Caramel Honey Macadamia

We constantly travel the world, sourcing the finest ingredients. Our search for the tastiest macadamia nuts and the sweetest honey lead us right back home to Australia. Our award-winning Caramel Honey Macadamia, crafted from the finest ingredients from Australia and the world.
5L Tub

Mint & Cookies

Each mouthful delivers a cool blast of mint flavoured ice cream, which we have matched perfectly with our famous chocolate cookies. So delicious, it will take your breath away.