Our Story

At Connoisseur, we believe that premium ice cream should be an immersive sensory experience. We specialise in creative ingredient combinations crafted for the Australian palate, delivering an exciting and luxurious taste experience for true ice cream lovers.

We have travelled to some of the most far away locations on Earth in search of the highest quality inclusions, that will surprise and delight. We then combine them with fresh cream from Australian pastures. It’s this passion and pursuit for perfection that is evident in every product. It’s what makes Connoisseur the leading brand in premium ice cream.


Connoisseur Laneway Sweets

An ode to secret laneways and artisanal delights, Connoisseur’s new premium range of ice cream sticks takes inspiration from the hidden delicacies found within your favourite laneways. Launching with three indulgent flavours: Salted Pretzel, Rocky Road and Triple Choc Cookie, these are an experience that is decadent, right to its core.

Unlike anything else

Plant Based Indulgence

We discover nature’s finest ingredients to create pure plant based indulgence. Offering the perfect combination of familiar and unexpected flavours that will thrill your senses.

In our own backyard

The Australian Native Collection

In 2019, Connoisseur partnered with renowned Australian chef Mark Olive to craft a collection of flavours that championed local and unexpected ingredients found in our own backyard.

Each flavour brought to life the wild and intense tastes of Australia: Wild Hibiscus & Berry;  Wattleseed & Hazelnut; Davidson Plum & Cocoa; Macadamia & Spiced Finger Lime; and Bush Honey & Nougat.

Taste the Best of Australia

Crafted by Australia

We live in a land of extremes, from humidity-drenched forest to storm-weathered coast, where unique flavours are crafted by nature. In 2017, Connoisseur celebrated the best of Australia by bringing you a range of stick flavours; Crafted by Australia.

We transported you to the tropical north with Queensland Mango and Toasted Coconut, explored the untouched wilderness through Kangaroo Island Honey with Honeycomb, and revelled in the classic taste of Vanilla.

Pure adventure

The Brooklyn Collection

In 2016, Connoisseur partnered with OddFellows Ice Cream Co., one of the most popular ice cream parlours in Brooklyn, New York, to create a unique range of four delicious tub flavours that will take you on a journey throughout four iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods.

We explored Bed-Stuy with Peanut Butter & Pretzel with Sweet Cream, took a trip to Coney Island with Golden Syrup with a Butter Swirl & Corn Nuts, indulged in a Flatbush icon with Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Custard and visited trendy Williamsburg with Matcha Green Tea with White Chocolate Waffle Cone.

A taste experience like no other

Choose your next adventure

In 2015, Connoisseur took you on a new taste adventure. Truly indulgent flavours with a taste of adventure, including Himalayan Salted Chocolate with Vanilla & Almond, Canadian Maple with Peanut Butter, Montana Mountain Mint, Sicilian Blood Orange and Mexican Chilli Chocolate.

The royal treatment

The empire collection

In 2014, the Connoisseur Empire Collection brought the story of ice cream to life with unique flavour combinations inspired by four of the world’s most historic charismatic leaders who each had a connection to the origins of ice cream.

In an ode to Emperor Nero, coffee hazelnut flavoured ice cream paired with chocolate coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur, while in a homage to King Louis XIV, French vanilla flavoured ice cream mixed with choc flakes and Armagnac sauce.

Taking inspiration from the extravagant Emperor Jing Zong, red bean flavoured ice cream paired with coconut; and as a tribute to King Cyrus of Persia, pistachio flavoured ice cream swirled with a sauce made from cinnamon, honey and dates.


The thrill of the taste

In 2013, Connoisseur moved into a new format with the launch of its stick range. The range featured five amazing flavours including Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia, Kangaroo Island Honey with Pistachio, Sumatran Coconut, Madagascan Vanilla and Cookies & Cream.

Championing Local

The Australian Collection

In 2010, Connoisseur selected four of Australia’s best dessert chefs to produce and create the most indulgent ice cream ever.

Familiar names to those in-the-know, these chefs were champions for regional produce with access to some of the country’s most delightful hidden gems. Darren Purchese, Rochelle Adonis, Pierre Roelofs and Kate Sumner were handpicked by Connoisseur for their individual skill and artistry to craft the Connoisseur Australian Collection.

Picture perfect

Connoisseur and Nadav Kander

In 2010, Connoisseur teamed up with Nadav Kander. Arguably one of the globe’s best stills photographers whose impressive list of subjects range from the world’s most powerful, Barack Obama, to the world’s most gorgeous, Brad Pitt.

In a commission designed to capture the artistry involved in making our gourmet ice cream, Kander collaborated with acclaimed British set designer Hana Al Sayed, turning the key ingredients in Connoisseur into visually stunning art installations.

The flavours forming the basis of the installations were Classic Vanilla, featuring elusive Madagascan Vanilla beans and Australian cream; Caramel Honey Macadamia, containing caramelised Queensland macadamia nuts, Australian cream and honey; and Café Grande, crafted from a special blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Australian cream, chocolate coated almonds and Grand Marnier®.

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